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Stick to Sports Mike

  Mike Lupica , a mediocre sports writer given to opining about politics gets taken to task by Professor Jacobson .

  Surely the race card is played out in this day and age of our “post racial ” president , no ?

” Mike Lupica is a sports writer who now is a political columnist. Lupica suffers from Keith Olbermann Disease. Lupica hasn’t been mentioned much here, but we did call him out when he claimed that a
Stop Obama sign was a call to violence based on race:

We are 100 yards, no more than that, from the front entrance to the school. There is a stop sign here, and underneath the word “Stop” someone has spray-painted “Obama.” Stop Obama.”

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WSJ Opinion: The Obama War on Fossil Fuels

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Qualifications be damned , the skin tone is right

Funny how whites are supposedly the racists but if any of us admitted to voting for a candidate solely based on race we would be crucified . When blacks do it it is just Pride . Feh…

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Blah , Blah , Blah … it's all Bush's Fault .

Another Legislative Defeat for Obama « Commentary Magazine.

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